What payment methods do you accept?

At this point we only accept payments through PayPal.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, absolutely! If you take out a paid subscription and aren't happy for any reason within the first 60 days, we'll happily give you a no questions asked, full refund.

Are there limits for widget usage?

Yes, to keep our service running fast and efficiently for all users we do impose some limits on calculations. These are "soft" limits and only enforced when they are exceeded often or by a large margin.

  • Page Views - Unlimited
  • Calculations - 100,000/month

What if I go over the calculation limit?

The limit is "soft", so nothing should happen if it's only occasional and not extreme. If you continually need more calculations than your subscription allows we will contact you and work out new terms.

Are subscription payments reoccurring?

Yes, if you sign up for a paid subscription you will be automatically charged each year until you cancel. You can cancel anytime by logging into PayPal and cancelling the payment authorization.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

You need to cancel your subscription directly through PayPal, it can not be done on CalculateStuff.com.

As of writing this, to cancel a subscription you login to PayPal, click on "Profile", then "My Money", then "My pre-approved payments". Find the subscription and click "Cancel". This process is likely to change often/be different across accounts. If you have problems finding it please Contact Us, we'd be happy to assist.

Will I get my code instantly after creating a subscription?

Yes. Well, pretty much. In some cases it can take up to 15 minutes, but it will normally be available within 60 seconds.

Can you customize widget XYZ for me?

We no longer offer customizations.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, all of the calculators are hosted by us and will be automatically updated when improvements are added or issues are corrected.

What is my password?

Your password was automatically generated and included in your confirmation email. If you no longer have that email you can change your password here.

Will the widgets work on phones and tablets?

Yes, they are completely responsive and should be compatible with all modern smart phones and tablets.

My site/sidebar is wider/thinner than yours, will the widgets fit?

Yes, all of the widgets are fully responsive and will resize to fit wherever you place them.

How do I download my widget?

Login to your account, locate the widget you would like to download in the "My Subscriptions" list and click the download icon. On the next page either copy the HTML snippet or click the WordPress Download button.

Can I change the licensed domain?

Yes, users have complete control over the licensed site through the control panel.

Can I change my subscription to a different widget?

Yes, a subscription is for any single widget from our library, you may change the type of widget at any time through the control panel.

Can I change a widgets theme or default values after I create it?

You can modify your widgets theme and default values and it will update in real time on your website. Simply login, click the edit icon next to the widget and edit however you please.

Can I self host the widgets?

Not with our standard widgets, if you are using WordPress we provide a plugin that you host yourself, however most of the files and the calculations come from our central servers.

Do you offer an uptime guarantee?

In short, no. Historically we have maintained above 99.5% uptime and expect that to continue. However, stuff happens, we can't guarantee that the site and widgets won't go down from time to time.

Do you have calculator X in my language?

Possibly, all available translations for a calculator can be viewed on the widgets page by clicking the question mark at Configure->Locale.

Why isn't the widget displaying in my language?

When you select a locale it will use the regions currency, number format and when available language. If it's not displaying in your language then it hasn't been translated yet.

Can I use the widgets in a mobile app?

We'd prefer you didn't.

Why are all the widgets priced the same?

Simplicity! We have quite a lot of widgets and will have a lot more in the future. Having a one size fits all subscription makes it easier for us and more flexible for you since you can change your widget type anytime you please.